Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Yes, I know. This might sound peculiar, I would say. But, for this very moment, I just want to ask all of you,

Let's be serious this time.

We have undergone all kind of hardships before, didn't we? The moment we feel like the world has turned us upside down, no one could understand us, the moment we feel like this is going to be the end of the world.

I know how it feels.

And yes, a moment ago, I just get myself ponder,
Are we such a loser?

It is such a pathetic thing, when God tested us and we don't even give ourselves the chance to think the reason behinds it. It is good for you, I admit, to get yourself out from problems that once had weaken you. I know you were strong as you already got yourself on your feet, firm and strong.

But is that how it ends?

Go strong and pretend nothing happens before?

Is that the reason why Allah selected you to endure that pain? that particular tests? Just for you to get strong?

It is always more that that.

Allah wants you to learn something. Things that will make you closer to him, in all circumstances, in any ways.

I once read a story of a man, working in construction area.

One day, this guy found a coin in his construction site and he took it. The next day, when he was walking in that site, suddenly another coin fell just infront of him and he took it once again. This happens for a quite number of times.

But few weeks later, when he just walking like he did before, suddenly a stone, just a small one, fell infront of him and almost hit his head. At that very moment he lifts his head up to see who is throwing the stone to him.

Allah, sometimes give us easiness, money and all we need but we hardly turn the thanks to Him, we hardly remember Him. But when Allah tests us with hardship, pain and all kind of problems, that will be the moment we 'look' at Him, return to Him, like all people do.

And this kind of thing is repeatedly done.

Please tell me,

Are we really didn't learn anything?

I am afraid that our heart will say yes, the moment our mouth is saying differently.

Salam Ramadan.

P/s: I would like to have this chance to remind you that Ramadan is going to end soon. Allah has truly stated in the Quran, in suratul Baqarah, where things regarding on the month of Ramadan is capsulated there, He said, Ramadan is a precious day, Ayyamam ma'dudaat. Precious days that are going to end soon, and it hards for us to appreciate it, until we lose it, or when we are not here anymore.

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Anonymous said...

true indeed.. kita tak melihat apa yg tersirat di sebalik ujian. :)